President and CEO

Luc Mongeau

Unleashing the potential of people and organizations is what drives Luc Mongeau
the most. His proven ability to motivate and inspire teams by simplifying the
complex, fostering innovation, and creating a winning and purpose-driven culture is
one of his strengths.

Luc joined eSolutions Furniture in 2022 with an impressive background in the
consumer goods industry. His broad expertise has enabled him to lead and grow
large businesses with a diverse customer base and multiple locations across North
America, such as Weston Foods and Mars.

He’s earned his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the Université de
Sherbrooke, attended Harvard Business School and holds a MBA from the Richard
Ivey School of Business.

Luc describes himself as a visionary who consistently delivers transformative results
through laser-focused strategies. His collaborative and empathetic leadership style,
marketing and sales agility, and operational excellence benefit the companies
where he works.

Outside of work, he enjoys several hobbies, is involved in non-profit organizations
that support youth at risk, and loves spending time with his family and dogs.

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