Chief Administration and Financial Officer

Edith Trachy

Edith Trachy is the Chief Administration and Financial Officer of eSolutions Furniture, responsible for managing the company’s Finance, Information System, Business and Performance, Human Resources and Legal functions. She is also an officer of the organization and member of eSolutions Furniture's Board of Directors.

Edith came to Bestar-Bush in May 2020 with extensive managerial history and success. She previously led a successful financial program that included a new centralized reporting software, the re-engineering of financial processes, and a complete reorganization of finance functions.

Internationally, she implemented a global shared service in Sri Lanka to integrate financial and other services of 10 countries. She oversaw the implementation of a global business process and data organization to increase process effectiveness and performance and directed the Global SAP/Sales Force program to have a unique information system platform in 26 countries.

Edith earned her bachelor’s degree in accounting from Université de Sherbrooke and is both CPA and PMP certified.
She describes herself as a transformational leader and takes pride in building her career “brick by brick” with the help of past and present colleagues, mentors and leaders. Edith believes in workplace inclusivity by involving people in reflection, decisions, implementation, and all aspects to ensure buy-in, engagement, ownership and speed.

Outside of work, she likes to experiment with new things, baking new recipes, reading, playing chess, sailing, backcountry skiing, and walking or running with her dog. She also enjoys being the cheerleader of her two sons at their hockey games, and most importantly spending time with family.


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